University of Wisconsin–Madison



Kari Klitzman



Kari has been with the Babcock Dairy Store since August 2011.  Prior to that, she graduated from MATC with a degree in Graphic Arts.  Currently, she calls New Glarus, WI home.  Her favorite ice cream flavor is Peanut Butter Madness and she loves Dutch Kase when it comes to cheese.

Glenda Jones

Lead Worker

Glenda has over 16 years of experience working in the dairy store, beginning her time here in February 2003.  She lives just outside of Madison in Fitchburg, WI, but her hometown is Gary, Indiana.  Her favorite Babcock ice cream flavor is Chocolate Peanut Butter and she swears by Brick cheese.


Kayla Adams

Student Supervisor

Kayla has been working at Babcock for two years.  She is in her third year of school, majoring in International Relations, and grew up in West Salem, WI.  Kayla says her favorite flavor of ice cream is the Toasted S’more.  Fun fact: Kayla is fluent in Portuguese!

Marah Birnbaum

Student Worker

Marah is a first-year staff member in the store, and is a freshman in school.  She comes to Madison from Brooklyn, NY.  Her favorite cheese variety is Juustoleipa, and she is a fan of Mocha Macchiato ice cream.

Megan Bohl

Student Worker

Megan grew up across the Mississippi River in Blaine, MN.  She has worked in the store for one year, and has found a love for Mocha Macchiato ice cream.  Her favorite cheese is Monterey Jack with Chives.  Megan is studying Biological Systems Engineering, and is in her third year of school.

Jordan Daniel

Student Worker

Jordan is a junior studying Environmental Engineering.  He calls Hudson, WI home.  His favorite cheese is Juustoleipa (a baked cheese originally from Finland) made with jalapeno peppers, and topping his ice cream list is Toasted S’mores.

Amelia Dharsana

Student Worker

Amelia hails from half-way around the world, in Jakarta, Indonesia!  She is in her master’s program and she majored in Industrial Engineering.  Amelia has been with us for a year now and she has grown to love our Swiss cheese and Mocha Macciato ice cream.

Rachel Gerbitz

Student Worker

Rachel is a double major in Dairy Science and Life Science Communications, and she is in her senior year of school.  Surprisingly she is the only Dairy Science student working in the store! She grew up south of Madison in Milton, WI, where she has a small herd of her own cows.  As a fan of dairy, Rachel loves all of our seasonal ice cream flavors, but Toasted S’more is always at the top!

Josh Kather

Student Supervisor

Josh grew up in Shorewood, WI, and is a senior studying Geoscience.  He claims he has spent more time in the dairy store than anywhere else on campus, working here since his freshman year!  His favorite ice cream flavor is Union Utopia.

Laura Koch

Student Worker

Laura likes the originals; her favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla, and her favorite type of cheese is cheddar.  Laura is a genetics major, and is just starting out her college career.  Her hometown is Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

Sophie Mauk

Student Supervisor

Sophie is Political Science major from Neenah, WI, and is in her third year of school.  She has been working at Babcock for two years.  When asked, Sophie says her favorite flavor of ice cream is Cinnamon Snickerdoodle.

Parker McManaman

Student Worker

Parker has been working at Babcock for one year.  On his break time, he likes to enjoy a cup of Badger Blast ice cream or a piece of some Dutch Kase cheese.  Parker is from Greendale, WI and is a sophomore studying Landscape Architecture.

Amber Piepenburg

Student Worker

Amber’s hometown is north of Madison, in Reedsville, WI.  She recently started working at Babcock, and loves Swiss cheese.  She is a senior this year, majoring in Mechanical Engineering.  Fun fact: Amber is a triplet!

Faith Pilditch

Student Worker

Faith is a Dietetics major from Oak Park, IL.  She is a junior this year and is returning for her second year with us.  As far as sandwich making goes, Faith claims she makes the best vegetarian sandwich at Babcock!  When choosing a cheese, her favorite go-to is Justo and her favorite Babcock ice cream is Into the Dark. Fun fact: making pickle bags is her favorite pastime in the store!

Dylan Schulz

Student Worker

Dylan is a sophomore, and is majoring in Spanish.  He grew up north of Madison, in Kaukauna, WI.  Dylan is a new addition to the Babcock staff, but already has a favorite flavor of ice cream: Blue Moon!  As for cheese, he likes Brick the best.

Mackenzie Sullivan

Student Supervisor

Mackenzie is majoring in pre-nursing and psychology with a goal of one day being a nurse.  She is a junior at UW and is originally from Hillsboro, WI.  Mackenzie has been working at Babcock for one year and enjoys our Jalapeno Justo cheese the most!  Fun fact: she plays the trumpet in the UW Marching Band!

Andy Waldron

Student Worker

Andy is a big fan of our seasonal ice cream flavor, Caramel Apple, and our Medium Cheddar cheese.  He calls Greendale, WI home.  Here in Madison, he is pursuing a degree in Computer Science.  Andy has been working at Babcock for one year.